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Student Accommodation In Norwich

Norwich is a city located in the East of England, and it is known for its rich history, culture, and beautiful architecture. In recent years, Norwich has emerged as an excellent destination for education, with many reputable universities and colleges located within the city. One of the main reasons that Norwich is considered an education hub is due to the presence of two highly respected universities, namely the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Norwich University of the Arts (NUA). In addition to these universities, Norwich also has a number of excellent colleges, including City College Norwich and Easton & Otley College.

Norwich offers a range of accommodation options for students, including private rented accommodation. There are student accommodation providers in Norwich, like Homelodgers, who offer purpose-built student accommodation with a range of amenities, including 24-hour security, on-site laundry facilities, and communal areas. Private rented accommodation is also widely available in Norwich, with many landlords offering furnished apartments and houses at competitive rates.

In summary, Norwich is an excellent destination for students looking for high-quality education, a vibrant student community, and affordable accommodation options. With its rich history, culture, and excellent amenities, Norwich is an attractive destination for students from all over the world.

Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BN
1 Room Options Free Assistance
£163 - £221 / WEEK
St Benedict's Street Norwich NR2 4AB
8 Room Options Free Assistance
£163 - £225 / WEEK
30 All Saints Green, Norwich, NR1 3NA
3 Room Options Free Assistance
£180.5 - £320.5 / WEEK
Crown Place Surrey Street Norwich, NR1 3RF
21 Room Options Free Assistance
Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BN
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BN
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BN
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Copeman Street, Norwich, NR2 1HH
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Colgate, Norwich, NR3 1BN
1 Room Options Free Assistance


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Best Student Accommodation In Norwich


This vibrant city is located in the east of England, and it’s known for its stunning medieval architecture beautiful parks, and friendly locals. Norwich is a popular destination for students with two universities and a vibrant student community. Norwich has a rich history and you can see evidence of it all around the city. There are over 30 medieval churches and the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit for history buffs and two cathedrals. The city also has a thriving arts scene with galleries theaters and music venues. One of the great things about Norwich is that it’s a very walkable city. Most of the attractions are within walking distance of each other and there are plenty of green spaces to explore. When it comes to Norwich student housing this city offers plenty of student accommodation with multiple student homes around the city. Homelodgers provides student housing with perfect home options with many amenities like Wi-Fi with high-speed internet, laundry, bike storage, and many more with room options like en-suite, house share, halls of residence, student flats, Private accommodation, and many more.

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International Students in Norwich

Norwich is home to a diverse community of international students from all over the world. Studying in a foreign country can be challenging but Norwich provides a welcoming environment that makes it easier for international students to adapt to their new surroundings. International students can expect to find a range of support services in Norwich. Both of the city’s universities have dedicated international student offices that provide guidance on everything from visa applications to finding student property, and halls of residence. There are also language support services available to help students who are not native English speakers. Another advantage of studying in Norwich is the city’s excellent transport links. The city center has a good network of buses that connect the university campuses with the city center and surrounding areas. The train station is also well-connected to other parts of the UK making it easy to explore other cities on weekends or holidays.

According to the United Kingdom’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) below are the number of international students.

Country 2021/22 2020/21
China 690 815
India 330 180
Hong Kong 290 290
Malaysia 105 95
Spain 95 110
Thailand 75 55
Japan 70 40
Italy 60 75
Vietnam 60 55
Cyprus 55 80

Universities in Norwich

Norwich is home to two excellent universities both of which are highly respected and attract students from all over the world. Both universities have a strong focus on research and students have opportunities to get involved in cutting-edge projects. They also offer a range of support services for students including academic support, career guidance, and health and well-being services. One of the benefits of studying at uni in Norwich is the city’s vibrant student community. There are many clubs and societies to join as well as plenty of events and activities to get involved in.

The University of East Anglia (UEA)

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a research-intensive university that is consistently ranked in the top 25 universities in the UK. It’s particularly well-known for its courses in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences. The campus is located on the outskirts of the city, in a beautiful parkland setting. The campus has excellent facilities, including a sports park, a music center, and a range of student accommodation options.

Ranking- 330 in World, 30TH in the UK

International Students- 3500

Average Tuition Fees- £19000

Average Exam Score-IELTS(6+), TOEFL(88+)

Acceptance Rate- 79%

The Norwich University of Arts (NUA)

The Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) is a specialist arts university that focuses on creative courses such as fine arts design and media. It’s a relatively small university, with around 2000 students which allow for a close-knit community and plenty of individual attention from tutors. The campus is located in the city center close to all of Norwich’s cultural attractions. They also offer a range of support services for students including academic support career guidance and health and wellbeing services.

Ranking- 67th in UK

Average Tuition Fees- £17500

Acceptance Rate- 87%

Cost of living For students in Norwich

The cost of living for students in Norwich is relatively affordable compared to other UK cities particularly those in the south of England. the cost of living index in Norwich is 57.52 which is lower than the UK average of 64.48. This means that on average it’s cheaper to live in Norwich than in many other UK cities. the cost of living can vary depending on your lifestyle and spending habits. For example, if you choose to live in private student accommodation or go out to eat frequently your costs will be higher. However, overall, Norwich is considered to be a relatively affordable city for students. if you’re looking for a city that’s affordable for students, Norwich is a great option. It offers a high quality of life without the high costs associated with some of the larger cities in the UK.

Expenses Average Expense per month
Rent £350
Food £140
Utilities £120
Clothing £40
Transport £60
Entertainment £45
Total £755

The cost of living in Norwich is pretty low than other cities in the UK, Homelodgers here solves the issue of finding student homes within the budget, as Homelodgers provide student homes with the best-discounted prices with all included amenities and locations as per students’ convenience.

Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in Norwich for Students

Norwich has several neighborhoods that are popular with students. The Golden Triangle is located just south of the city center and is a popular choice for students due to its proximity to both the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts. The area is known for its Victorian houses and tree-lined streets and it has a lively community with plenty of cafes bars and shops. Earlham Road is another popular area for students located just west of the city center. It’s close to the UEA campus and has plenty of affordable housing options, including shared flats and houses. There are also several parks in the area including Earlham Park and Eaton Park. NR2 is the postcode for the area around the city center including neighborhoods like Tombland and St. Benedict’s Street. This area is ideal for students who want to be close to the city’s cultural attractions such as the Norwich Theatre Royal and the Norwich Cathedral. There are plenty of pubs restaurants and cafes in the area as well as a vibrant nightlife scene. Riverside is located just south of the city center and is a popular area for students who want to be close to the train station. It’s also home to the Riverside entertainment complex, which has a cinema, bowling alley, and several restaurants. The area has a mix of modern apartment buildings and older houses. Some more areas to live in are Bowthorpe

Benedict’s Gate

Benedict’s Gate offers en suite rooms in shared apartments and studios with your own private mini-kitchen. Perfectly located, Benedict’s Gate is just a short walk or bus ride from the University of the Arts and the University of East Anglia, so you’ll have no excuses to be late for those lectures! And, with all of your favorite shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes just around the corner in the town center, you’ll be sure to be living your best student life in Norwich. It has 8 room options for £163 – £221 / WEEK.

Pablo Fanque House

Pablo Fanque House student accommodation in Norwich is a brand new striking property that offers high-end luxury student accommodation right in the heart of Norwich. It offers a selection of room types for you to choose from with amenities like wifi, laundry, student halls, and many more. It has 3 room options ranging from £163 – £225 / WEEK.

Crown Place

Crown Place is a brand new Norwich student accommodation that opened in September 2019. Situated in the city center and a bus ride away from the University of East Anglia and a short walk from Norwich University of The Arts, Crown Place is the perfectly located accommodation for Students. With a number of amenities and a fully secured building with 24-hour security and CCTV. It has a whopping 21 room options ranging from £180.5 – £320.5 / WEEK.

There are many more student homes available to choose from like Ground floor mezzanine apartments, Benedict’s Gate, St Crispin’s House, saints green, Heathfield, and many more.

Transport for students in Norwich

Transport in Norwich is relatively affordable for students, with a range of options available. It’s also worth noting that the cost of transport in Norwich can be reduced by purchasing a travel pass or ticket in advance.


The primary form of public transport in Norwich is the bus. The city has a comprehensive bus network that covers all parts of the city as well as nearby towns and villages. A single journey ticket costs around £2.50 while a day ticket costs around £4.50.


Norwich has a mainline railway station that connects the city to other parts of the UK including London, Cambridge, and Manchester. Students can purchase a 16-25 Railcard for a discounted rate on train travel which can save you up to one-third on fares. The cost of a train ticket can vary depending on the destination and the time of travel.


Norwich is a relatively cycle-friendly city with plenty of dedicated cycle lanes and bike parking facilities. Many students choose to cycle to and from their university as well as for leisure activities. You can purchase a second-hand bicycle for around £100-£200, or rent a bike from one of the city’s bike-sharing schemes.

Transport in this city is cheap compared to other cities in the UK and is connected to major cities in the UK.

Best Attraction for students in Norwich

These are just a few of the many attractions that Norwich has to offer. As a student in the city, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and discover its unique history and culture.

  • · The Norwich Cathedral is a magnificent example of Norman architecture and one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Visitors can explore the cathedral’s stunning interior, climb the tower for panoramic views of the city and attend choral performances.
  • The Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery are located in a Norman castle that dates back to the 12th century. The museum has a wide range of exhibits including collections of fine art archaeology and natural history.
  • The Lanes are a series of narrow streets in the city center that are home to a range of independent shops cafes and restaurants. It’s a great place to wander and explore the city’s unique character.
  •  The Plantation Garden is a beautiful Victorian garden located in the heart of the city. It features a range of ornamental features including a Gothic fountain, a medieval-style terrace, and a rustic bridge must visit on sunny days.

There are many more attractive places in the city students can visit both historical and modern cultures around the Norwich city center with large shopping centers, and karaoke rooms.

Student life in Norwich

Norwich is a vibrant city with a lively student population, offering plenty of opportunities for socializing and entertainment.

Join a student society

There is a range of student societies and clubs at the universities in Norwich covering everything from sports and hobbies to politics and activism. Joining a society is a great way to meet new people and get involved in the student community.

Attend a music or cultural festival

Norwich hosts a range of music and cultural festivals throughout the year, including the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the Norwich Pride Parade, and the Norwich Beer Festival. These events offer a great opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Visit the cinema or theatre

Norwich has a number of cinemas and theatres, including Cinema City and Theatre Royal. Many of these venues offer student discounts on tickets, making it easy and affordable to catch the latest blockbuster or stage production.

Explore the city’s nightlife

Norwich has a bustling nightlife scene, with a range of pubs, bars, and clubs to suit every taste. Popular student hangouts include the Waterfront, the LCR, and the Mash Tun.

Norwich is a vibrant city with a lively student population, offering plenty of opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and extracurricular activities.


Norwich is a fantastic city for students to study and live in. With a range of affordable accommodation options in neighborhoods such as Golden Triangle and Earlham, Homelodgers provide student houses in every area with multiple room types and amenities book from Homelodgers to unlock best-discounted prices, students can enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle while attending one of the city’s excellent universities. With its vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and diverse range of student activities, Norwich is a great choice for students looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable university experience.