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Student Accommodation In Derby

Derby is an exciting and vibrant city located in the East Midlands of England. It is known for having a great quality of life, being a major center of education, and providing plenty of entertainment options.

Derby is home to three universities: the University of Derby, Derbyshire College, and Derby Business School. These institutions offer a range of courses in a variety of disciplines, including business, engineering, and the arts. The city is also home to several further education colleges and has a thriving arts and cultural scene.

Accommodation in Derby is varied and plentiful. There are plenty of student halls, private student houses, and apartments available to rent, making it a great place for students to live. The city also has a range of private and public transport links, making it easy for students to get around.

Student life in Derby is exciting, with plenty of clubs, bars, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The city center is filled with independent shops and eateries, and the city hosts a range of events throughout the year, including music festivals and art exhibitions. There are also plenty of sporting activities available, including football, rugby, and cricket.

£140 - £250 / WEEK
Agard Street, Derby, DE1 1DZ
9 Room Options Free Assistance
College Mews, Derby, DE1 1UT
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Gower Street, Derby, DE1 1SD
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Mill Street, Derby, DE1 3LG
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Parliament Street, Derby, DE22 3RL
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2RF
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Brook Street, Derby, DE1 3PB
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Brook Street, Derby, DE1 3PB
1 Room Options Free Assistance
£130 / WEEK
58 Curzon Street, Derby, DE1 1LP
1 Room Options Free Assistance
£151 - £172 / WEEK
The Croft, Cathedral Road, Derby, DE1 3FQ
6 Room Options Free Assistance


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Best Student Accommodation In Derby


Derby is a vibrant and historic city located in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. It has a rich industrial heritage and is known for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Today, Derby is a thriving city with a population of over 250,000 people, including a large student population. Derby is home to two universities, the University of Derby and the Derby College Group. The University of Derby is a modern and dynamic institution that offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Derby College Group is a further education college that provides vocational and technical courses. Derby is an attractive destination for international students due to its central location in the UK, its excellent transport links to the city center, and its affordable cost of living. Here types of student Accommodation are very nice and easy to find with affordable prices and convenience, Homelodgers provide student accommodations with different room types like student halls, student flats, and en-suite, halls of residence. The location of the city has a diverse and multicultural population, and international students will find a warm and welcoming community. Derbyshire is also bordered by adjacent popular cities such as Nottingham, Loughborough, Leicester, and Birmingham.

Courtesy- University of Debry

International Students in Derby

International students form a significant part of the student population in Derby, and they play an essential role in the city’s cultural and social life. There are many reasons why international students choose to study in Derby, including its excellent universities, affordable cost of living, and friendly and welcoming community. One of the biggest challenges that international students face when studying in a foreign country is adjusting to a new culture and way of life. Accommodation is an essential consideration for international students, and Derby offers a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Many students choose to live in university accommodation, which provides a safe and secure environment with access to on-site facilities and support services. Other popular options include private rentals and homestays, which allow students to experience life with a local family. Students can choose student homes or Student flats from Homelodgers as they provide student accommodation with easy access and minimum difficulty

According to the United Kingdom Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) below are the statistics for international students in Derby.

Country 2021/22 2020/21
India 665 225
China 200 260
Pakistan 155 40
Czech Republic 75 140
Poland 60 85
Portugal 60 90
Spain 55 65
Cyprus 45 75
United States 40 35
Lithuania 40 80

Universities in Derby

Derby is home to two universities the University of Derby and the Derby College Group. Both offer a range of academic programs and support services to help students with years of experience achieve their academic and personal goals and their well-being. Both universities have excellent facilities and resources for students including modern classrooms, libraries, and study spaces. They also offer a range of support services to help students succeed including academic tutoring career counseling and mental health support. In addition to academic programs the universities in Derby also provide a range of extracurricular activities, including sports clubs, societies, and cultural events. These activities offer opportunities for students to develop new skills, make friends, and enrich their university experience.

The University of Derby

The University of Derby is a modern and innovative institution that has been providing high-quality education for over 160 years. It is located in the center of the city and has a variety and multicultural student body with over 20,000 students from around the world. One of the unique features of the Uni of Derby is its focus on practical learning and applied research. The university has a strong industry focus with many of its courses developed in partnership with leading employers. This approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the workplace and have the skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen careers. Arby’s primary campus is located in the north-west of the city and is made up of three main sites: Kedleston road, Britannia mill, and market street

Ranking-1001th in the world Rank, 99th in the UK

International Student- 3500

Average Fees-  £9250

Average Exam Score- IELTS-(6+), TOEFL-(80+)

Acceptance Rate-80%

Derby College Group

The Derby College Group (DCG) is a further education college that provides vocational and technical courses to students who want to develop practical skills for the workplace. It has been providing high-quality education for over 165 years and has a strong reputation for excellence in vocational training. DCG offers a range of courses from low to higher education diplomas, across a variety of fields, including engineering, construction, health and social care, and hospitality and catering. The courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. One of the unique features of DCG is its focus on work-based learning and industry partnerships

Ranking- 29th in the UK for Diploma Studies

There are more two universities like Lees Brook Academy and the University of Nottingham Medical School.

Cost of living for students in Derby

Derby is an affordable city for students with a relatively low cost of living compared to other cities in the UK. The cost of living can vary depending on factors such as accommodation transportation, food, and entertainment. Renting Student accommodation is one of the biggest expenses for students in Derby. The cost of accommodation can vary depending on the type and location of the property. University residences are available at both the University of Derby and the Derby College Group, with prices ranging from around £90-£130 per week for a single room with shared facilities. Off-campus accommodation options include shared houses, flats, and private student accommodation. Rent for a shared house or flat can cost around £50-£100 per week, while private student accommodation can cost upwards of £120 per week en-suite. Entertainment costs in Derby are also relatively low compared to other cities in the UK. The city has a range of affordable entertainment options, including cinemas, theatres, museums, and music venues.

Expenses Average Cost of living
Rent £312
Transportation £56
Food £354
Utilities £210
Entertainment £46
Groceries £59
Clothes £57
Total £1094

Homelodgers here helps international students to find the best student housing at a very budget-friendly price with great amenities.

Best Neighborhood to stay in Derby

Derby has several neighborhoods that are popular among international students due to their proximity to the city’s universities and colleges, as well as their affordability and range of amenities. Ashbourne Road: This neighborhood is located close to the University of Derby and is a popular area for students. It has a range of affordable accommodation options, including shared houses and flats, and is well connected to the city center and other areas of the city. City Center: While the city center can be more expensive than other areas of the city it offers easy access to a range of amenities and entertainment options, including restaurants, bars, cinemas, and shops. Allestree: This neighborhood is located on the outskirts of the city but is still well connected to the University of Derby and the Derby College Group. It offers a range of affordable accommodation options, including shared houses and flats, and has a range of amenities, including supermarkets and restaurants. Mackworth is also a good area to stay with affordable living prices. Friar Gate is also a popular place among students following Uttoxeter’s new road

Some of the Student houses and self-contained flats available to rent from Homelodgers are as follow

North Gate House

Northgate House is a Derby student accommodation that offers En-suite and Studio rooms. Whatever your choice is, your room will come with a big comfy bed that incorporates a headboard with storage and charging points, as well as a wardrobe, shelving, and a desk with drawers. Your room at Northgate House will also come with a private bathroom with WC, shower, sink, and accessories. this Derby student accommodation is CCTV-monitored with a secure key fob. It has free contents insurance, all-inclusive bills, and high-speed Wi-Fi. There is also an on-site team offering help to students 24/7, as well as on-site laundry rooms. With starting range of £140 – £250 / WEEK.

Sublime 2-bedroom flat in Derby

This unique converted flat has plenty of character and space for all your accommodation needs! With exposed brickwork and original beams, the apartment is rare, as it is charming. Enjoy the elegance of the tastefully decorated 2-bedroom flat, featuring a social open-plan living/dining space with a fully equipped kitchen. The sofa bed in the living room can accommodate a 5th guest, where you can enjoy your favorite TV shows or Netflix connected via the high-speed internet with starting range of  £3252 / MONTH.

Apartment for 5 people with an open living area

It is located at Parliament Street, Derby. The apartment is close to the city center and St. Bartholomew which is located within the city of Derby. Enjoy the benefits of all the shops, bars, and restaurants. With everything within walking distance and being in the Midlands, it is a convenient base for access to all areas of the UK. With premium amenities of the property like wifi, 24-hour security, and many more, Whether you are on a work project or leisure this is an ideal location for your stay. With Range starting from £3379 / MONTH. 24-hour

There are many more Student Homes/ halls of residence options that, Homelodgers provide like 58 Curzon Street, The Croft,Modern two-bedroom apartments for up to 3 guests situated in a converted mill, and many more.

Transport for students in Derby

Transportation in Derby is relatively affordable and convenient for students. The city has a good public transportation network, including buses and trains, with fares starting at around £2.50 for a single journey. Students can also take advantage of discounted travel cards, such as the Student Rider Ticket, which offers unlimited travel on all buses in Derby for a set fee.


A single bus journey in Derby costs around £2.50, while a day ticket costs around £4.50. Students can purchase a weekly bus pass for around £15, or a monthly bus pass for around £50.


Train fares in Derby vary depending on the destination and time of travel. A single journey from Derby to London can cost around £20-£40, while a return journey can cost around £30-£60. Students can save money by booking in advance or taking advantage of discounted railcards.

Bicycle rentals

Derby has several bicycle rental schemes, including the Derby Bike Hire scheme, which allows users to rent a bicycle for a set fee. Prices for bicycle rentals start at around £1 per hour.

Transportation in Derby is affordable and convenient for students with a range of options available for getting around the city. Choosing Student homes near the university can be useful. Homelodgers provide student rooms according to your location preference and with reasonable prices.

Best Attraction for students in Derby

Derby is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and a range of attractions to explore.

  • Derby Museum and Art Gallery: The Derby Museum and Art Gallery is home to a collection of art natural history and archaeology exhibits, including works by local artists and historical artifacts from around the world.
  • Derby Cathedral: The Derby Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Visitors can take a tour of the cathedral and learn about its historic minds architecture, and significance.
  • Derby Arboretum: The Derby Arboretum is a beautiful and lovely park with a range of plants, trees, and wildlife. It was the first public park in England and is a popular spot for picnics, walks, and outdoor activities. Students can relax their minds and body on their weekends and enjoy peace in the park.
  • Darley Abbey Mills: The Darley Abbey Mills is a historic site that dates back to the 18th century and is home to a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The City has a range of attractions to suit every student’s taste and interests from museums to art galleries to parks historic sites and many more. Students can explore the city and discover all that it has to offer.

Student life in Derby

The city of Derby has a vibrant student life with a range of activities and events that cater to the city’s large student population. Derby offers a range of student activities and things to do, from joining a society or sports team to exploring the city’s nightlife, shopping, watching the cinema, and outdoor attractions. Students can make the most of their time in Derby and create lasting memories.

Join a student society:

The University of Derby and the Derby College Group offer a range of student societies, including sports teams, music and drama groups, and social clubs.

Explore the city’s nightlife:

Derby has a bustling nightlife, with a range of bars, clubs, and pubs that cater to students. Popular student hotspots include The Malt Cross, The Hairy Dog, and The Flowerpot.

Attend a sporting event:

Derby is home to several sports teams, including Derby County Football Club, Derbyshire County Cricket Club, and Derby Trailblazers Basketball Club.

Visit the Intu Derby shopping center:

The Intu Derby shopping center is a popular destination for students, with a range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

There are many more attractions students can visit like marketing parks, exploring the vast culture of the UK, and making new friends. Students can travel some miles and explore nearby cities like Manchester. In the cathedral quarter, you can shop for the latest fashions in independent boutiques.


The city of Derby offers a fantastic range of opportunities for students looking to study and live in a vibrant and diverse city. With two universities and a range of colleges, the city has a thriving student population, which brings with it a great atmosphere and a variety of events and activities. For students looking for accommodation, there are many options available, from university halls of residence to shared houses and apartments. The city offers a range of affordable living options, including areas with lower rent prices and good transport links. Students can also search students’ homes from Homelodgers as they provide student accommodation with premium amenities like CCTV, wi-fi, etc with communal areas, student halls, and en-suites.

FAQs on Student Accommodation Derby

Derby is a wonderful city with lots to see and do. There are many stores, eateries, and cafes there. With a nearby bus and York train station, transportation is convenient. In close proximity are fitness centers, eateries, and hospitals as well.
Yes, there are a number of possibilities for student housing that are tailored to couples, including hostels and city apartments. Although couples are only permitted in private student housing if both residents are students.
Yes, you can get in touch with us to view any of the houses that HomeLodgers has available.
The amenities typically included in student rooms in Derby include air conditioning, hot water, a bed, Dishwasher, a microwave, Electric Stove, an Internet, a Fridge, wi-fi, common areas, a study area, Bookshelf, and a desk.
Various kinds of accommodations with house share, including Ensuites, Non-Ensuites, Twin-Ensuite, Studios, Twin-Studio, One-Bed, and Two-Bed rooms.
Dorm rooms are not offered in Derby.
It depends on the accommodation like house share doesn't. While some do not cover Utility bills, there are many accommodations where utility bills are included in the rent itself.
It is best to start your search as early as possible, at least 3-4 months before the start of the academic sessions. HomeLodgers assists you with shortlisting and booking of perfect accommodation for you.
The lowest rent is at least £130/week. But these accommodations get sold out early. Hence, it is best to start your search for accommodation as early as possible.
It is prudent to start your search as early as possible before the start of the academic year. The best time to start your search would be March-April.
It is prudent to start your search as early as possible before the start of the academic year. The best time to start your search would be Aug-Sep.
Derby is a wonderful city with lots to see and do. There are many stores, eateries, and cafes there. With a nearby bus and York train station, transportation is convenient. In close proximity are fitness centers, eateries, and hospitals as well.