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July 30, 2022 by Admin

HomeLodgers, registered in Delaware-USA,  is an online global housing marketplace for students and professionals that removes the hassle of finding furnished student accommodation worldwide, majorly in Europe and North America.

If you are traveling for an internship or studying abroad in an exchange program, HomeLodgers delivers a quality solution for you to easily book your accommodation online. Say goodbye to searching the internet looking for far away one-off hosts who are not accustomed to housing students and long stays.

We offer a safe platform to find accommodation easily and book new home safely before your arrival to a new place. HomeLodgers is an online resource for students and interns looking for off-campus housing. We’re creating a positive economic ecosystem that is transforming the matchmaking process of student housing rentals and also creating a number of possibilities for students, universities, hosts, workplaces, campuses and cities. Our services are absolutely free.

We exist to better the lives of as many students as possible by offering affordable homes.

We have been in your shoes before and want to provide other students & young professionals a home without having to risk it. We are fully committed to make this possible for you!

For universities and study abroad programs, let us deal with the logistics of finding safe and reliable accommodation for your students. We know the markets and our custom solutions allow you a stress free and reliable process in obtaining international student accommodation.

HomeLodgers is founded on the principles of customer service and teamwork. Behind our technology is a highly dedicated international staff with the passion needed to assist students from all walks of life. Our objective is to help millions of young people have incredible experiences and connect the next generation through shared housing.

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