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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely you can visit the properties and have a look. In case you are unable to visit, a viewing by video can be arranged for you

Your deposit can be refunded subject to condition that you provide proper visa rejection proofs. Most of the property managers are quite flexible with this policy

It depends from property to property. If you have a UK guarantor, there is a possibility to get advantage of various payment plans.

HomeLodgers is offering all its services free of charge. Hence, you do not have to pay us any fee.

Each property has different rules regarding ending a lease prematurely. These details are available on the property page. For properties that do allow you to change rooms, you would need to make a formal request to the accommodation team of the property. Please note that this is subject to availability, and you might have to pay an admin fee for the same. Your Personal Student Advisor can guide you through this.

Some of our properties allow it, and some do not. You’ll find details like this on the property page, so do make sure you read it carefully before choosing your student accommodation.

Any kind that you need, actually. If you’re moving in with a group of friends, you can rent an entire apartment together. Prefer your own space? We’ve got studio flats perfect for one. You can also choose a private room in a shared apartment, or a shared room (bonus: roommate!). All our student homes come with a variety of facilities and inclusions, details of which are available in their descriptions. The best part? All our offerings are student-friendly and perfect for students whether they’re moving from a nearby city or a far-off country.

We get it - safety is one of the top-most concerns one has when moving to a new place. We offer accommodations with a range of security features. You can choose a property that has CCTV, 24x7 staff, access control, and other such options. Further, you’ll feel more secure in the popular, student-friendly neighborhoods we offer.

Student accommodation is broadly divided into four categories:

Shared room: Share your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and common spaces with a roommate.

Private room: Occupy your own bedroom and study space, along with a shared kitchen and living room.

Studio Flat: Enjoy a private student home, with a single bedroom, a living area, a private bathroom, and your own kitchen.

Entire Place: Rent an entire place with friends and get private bedrooms and study spaces, along with a shared kitchen and living room.

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