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Student Accommodation In Preston

The city of Preston is located in Lancashire, England, and has a population of around 140,000 people. It is home to several universities and colleges, making it an important education hub for the region.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of options available in Preston. Students can choose from Homelodgers to live in halls of residence or private student accommodation. There are also plenty of flats and houses available to rent in the city, both in the center and in the surrounding areas.

As a student hub, Preston offers a range of amenities and services to make life easier for students. The city has a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from. There are also several shopping centers, cinemas, and other entertainment venues in the city. In terms of transport, there are good links to other parts of the region, including Manchester and Liverpool, making it easy for students to explore.

Overall, the city of Preston is a great choice for students looking to study in the North West of England. With its strong educational offerings, lively student scene, and range of accommodation options, it offers everything that students need to thrive.

£99 - £170 / WEEK
160 Corporation Street Preston PR1 2UQ
8 Room Options Free Assistance
£91 - £119 / WEEK
Brook St, Preston, PR1 7EA
2 Room Options Free Assistance
£90 - £169 / WEEK
130 Moor Ln, Preston PR1 1LR, United Kingdom
5 Room Options Free Assistance
£95 - £180 / WEEK
129 Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 2XP, United Kingdom
4 Room Options Free Assistance
£80 - £130 / WEEK
Victoria Street, Preston PR1 7QT
4 Room Options Free Assistance
£105 - £115 / WEEK
Great Shaw St, Preston, PR1 2HF
4 Room Options Free Assistance
£155 - £199 / WEEK
Moor Lane, Preston, PR1 1JQ
8 Room Options Free Assistance


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Best Student Accommodation In Preston


Preston is a great city located in Lancashire, England. It has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its beautiful architecture stunning parks and live music scene. Preston has a lot to offer for students, from top-ranked universities to vibrant social life. The city is home to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), which has been ranked as one of the top universities in the UK for graduate employability. UCLan offers a wide range of courses including business engineering law and arts. The university attracts a large number of international students, making it a diverse place to study. In terms of amenities, the city has everything that a student would need. The city has a wide range of accommodation options, including purpose-built student accommodation in Preston, privately rented accommodation, and homestays. Students can also book student rooms/student flats from Homelodgers as they provide a variety of rooms like ensuites with affordable prices and convenient locations and great viewing in the city of Preston. There are also plenty of supermarkets, restaurants, and shops within easy reach of the city center at the right place.

Courtesy- The University of Central Lancashire

International Students in Preston

Preston is home to a thriving international student community with students from all over the world coming to study at the city’s universities and language schools. As an international student in Preston, you will find a warm welcome and plenty of opportunities to make friends and explore the city. One of the advantages of studying in Preston is its relatively low cost of living compared to other cities in the UK. This means that you can stretch your budget further and enjoy a good standard of living without breaking the bank. The cost of student housing, food, and entertainment is generally more affordable than in other popular student cities like London or Manchester. Preston is also a great base from which to explore the wider region. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside including the Forest of Bowland and the Lake District, which are popular destinations for hiking, cycling, and outdoor activities. The nearby cities of Manchester and Liverpool are also within easy reach via public transport, offering further opportunities for entertainment, shopping, and culture.

According to the United Kingdom’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) number of international student are below

Country 2021/22 2020/21
India 3040 3020
Nepal 755 215
China 410 400
Canada 150 115
Pakistan 110 50
Ireland 100 110
United States 95 65
Germany 90 145
Hong Kong 65 65
Poland 45 75

Universities in Preston

Preston is home to two universities and many educational institutions, offering a wide range of courses and programs for students of all levels. The city’s universities are famous for their academic excellence research output, and industry links, making them attractive destinations for both domestic and international students. The universities in Preston offer a high-quality education and an excellent student experience, with a diverse range of courses, a supportive learning environment, and access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources.

 The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is a public research university located in Preston Lancashire UK. With a student population of around 38,000, This uni is one of the largest universities in the UK and is known for its strong focus on employability and practical experience. The University is also known for its innovative approach to teaching with a range of flexible and blended learning options available to students. This includes online learning work placements and opportunities for practical experience. The university has a vibrant and diverse student community, with students from over more than 100 countries studying at UCLan. This university offers a wide range of support services for international students including language classes academic support and cultural activity.

Ranking- 801st in World, 89th in UK

International Students-2000

Average Fees- £14900

Average Exam Score-IELTS(6+),TOEFL(80+)

Acceptance Rate- 22%

The University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is a public university located in Carlisle, Ambleside, Lancaster, and London with a main campus in the Preston city center. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines, including health, education, business, and arts. The university has a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility, with a range of courses and research projects that explore these themes. The university also has a strong reputation for its teacher training programs with many of its graduates going on to successful careers in education.

Ranking-2501st in World, 123rd in UK

Average Fees-£13250

Average Exam Score-IELTS(6+),GMAT(580+)

Acceptance Rate-45%

There are many more educational hubs in the city.

Cost of living in Preston

The cost of living for students in Preston is relatively affordable compared to other UK cities. The cost of accommodation in Preston varies depending on the type of accommodation and location. On-campus accommodation typically costs between £90-£120 per week, while private accommodation can range from £60 to £120 per week. Sharing a house or apartment with other students can help to reduce costs. The cost of food in Preston is relatively affordable. A typical weekly grocery shop for one person can cost between £20-£30. Eating out at a restaurant or cafe can cost between £5-£15 for a main meal.

Expenses The average cost of living
Rent £320
Transportation £50
Food £354
Utilities £174
Entertainment £39
Groceries £63
Clothes £27
Total £1027

The cost of renting student homes can be reduced if booking through Homelodgers as they provide student homes with discounts and the best location according to your preference.

Best Neighborhood to Stay in Preston

There are several neighborhoods in Preston that are popular among students due to their proximity to universities, amenities, and affordability. The best neighborhood for a student to stay in Preston will depend on their individual needs and preferences. The city center is the heart of Preston and is home to a wide range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is also within walking distance of both UCLan and the University of Cumbria. Avenham is a popular residential area located south of the city center. It is known for its Victorian architecture and proximity to Avenham Park, a large public park with scenic views of the River Ribble. Fulwood is a suburban area located north of the city center. It is home to a range of amenities, including supermarkets, restaurants, and pubs. It is also within easy reach of both UCLan and the University of Cumbria via public transport. Fishwick is a residential area located east of the city center. It is known for its affordable housing options and close proximity to UCLan.

Some of the Student Homes available at Homelodgers are

The Tramshed

The Tramshed Preston has set a new benchmark for student accommodation in Preston, located in the heart of the city oozing modernity and style. With extensive interior-designed communal facilities including a café area and games facilities, prepare to level up and live the Prestige lifestyle in your new home away from home. Its gorgeous landscaped gardens and dedicated quiet/collaborative study area will provide a calming backdrop for your studies and a great area for socializing. It has 8 room options with starting range of £99 – £170 / WEEK.

Foundry Court

Foundry Court, this Preston student accommodation, offers all-inclusive rent and high-speed Wi-Fi/Internet. The facilities include laundry rooms, bike storage, and car parking for a little extra fee. Social spaces like an outdoor area and a shared common room are also available. Foundry Court is a Preston student accommodation that offers Premium En-suite rooms. Foundry Court’s rooms come complete with double beds, study areas with desks and chairs, wardrobes, pace, and generous storage with under-bed storage. It has 2 room options with starting range of £91 – £119 / WEEK.

IQ Kopa

Kopa provides a range of student living options in the Preston city center. It’s en suite rooms and studios have the use of social and study areas on site, and the building also has a convenience store downstairs. This property is conveniently located for the University of Central Lancashire, or UCLan, around 5 minutes walk away. It’s an equally short walk into the center of the city, with a wide range of restaurants, shops, bars, and cultural venues. Preston train station is around 15 minutes walk away. It has 5 room options with starting range of £90 – £169 / WEEK.

There are more Student Properties in Homelodgers like Urban Hub, Trinity Student Village, Jubilee Court and many more.

Transport For Students in Preston

Preston has a good public transportation system that makes it easy for students to get around the city. public transportation in Preston is relatively affordable compared to other UK cities. Students can save money by purchasing weekly or monthly passes, cycling or walking where possible, and taking advantage of student discounts on transportation fares.


Preston has a network of local buses that operate throughout the city and surrounding areas. A single bus journey in Preston typically costs around £2.50, while a weekly bus pass can be purchased for around £12-£15. Students may be eligible for discounted bus fares with a valid student ID.


Preston is served by a railway station that connects the city to other destinations across the UK. Train fares vary depending on the destination and time of travel, but students can often benefit from discounted fares with a rail card.


Cycling is a popular mode of transportation for students in Preston. The city has a number of cycle lanes and routes, and there are several bike rental schemes available.

People can also choose to walk if the distance is close enough and make it happen by choosing a student home near the university. Students can book student homes from Homelodgers at their convenience.

Best Attraction for students in Preston

Preston is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions and activities for students to enjoy. The city has plenty to offer students from museums and art galleries to parks and sports venues. There is something for everyone in this vibrant and exciting city.

  • Avenham and Miller Parks: These two parks are situated side by side and offer stunning views of the River Ribble. They are popular with locals and visitors alike and are perfect for a picnic a stroll or a game of frisbee.
  • Harris Museum and Art Gallery: The Harris Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit for culture-loving students. It houses a collection of art and artifact, including paintings, sculptures, and historic artifacts. Admission to the museum is free.
  • Preston Guild Hall: The Preston Guild Hall is a multi-purpose venue that hosts a range of events, including concerts, theatre productions, and comedy shows. It is a great place for students to catch a show or attend a gig.
  • Ribble Steam Railway and Museum: The Ribble Steam Railway and Museum is a working museum that showcases the history of steam locomotives. It is located in the suburb of Riversway and offers visitors the opportunity to ride on a steam train.

There are many many attractions for students to visit and enjoy the best time of their life, Students can go shopping at Friargate.

Student life in Preston

Preston is a great city for students, with plenty of things to do both on and off campus. there is no shortage of things to do for students in Preston. Whether you’re interested in nightlife, sports, culture, or the great outdoors, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.


Preston has a thriving nightlife scene, with a wide range of bars, pubs, cafes, and clubs to suit all tastes with great viewing Popular student hangouts include Baluga Bar, Evoque Nightclub, and The Adelphi.

Student societies and clubs

Universities in Preston have a wide range of student societies and clubs that cater to a variety of interests, from sports teams and music societies to political groups and cultural societies. Joining a society is a great way to meet like-minded people and get involved in activities outside of your studies.


Preston has plenty of shopping options for students, including the Fishergate Shopping Centre, St. George’s Shopping Centre, and the indoor market. There are also plenty of independent shops and boutiques to explore.

Sports and Fitness

Universities in Preston have excellent sports facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and sports halls. Many also offer a range of fitness classes and sports teams to join.

There is a vast range of to do in Preston for students. Students can go to Bowland wild boar park, Brockholes nature reserve, the infantry museum, the Lancashirenational football museum, harris museum & Art, the perfect place for students to chill in and relax from the daily hassle away from the university campus, and Preston university.


Preston is a great city for students, with two universities, an affordable cost of living, and a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy. With a variety of accommodation options available, from student halls to shared houses and apartments, finding a suitable place to live in Preston is easy. And with Homelodgers there is nothing to worry about regarding the accommodation as we give a variety of room options to stay in. So if you’re a student looking for a lively and welcoming city to study in, Preston could be the perfect choice for you.

FAQs on Student Accommodation Preston

There are many different room types you can choose from like En-suites, one-bed apartments, and Two-bed apartments.
Student homes that provide 24 hr security and CCTV option are considered to be safe.
No, accommodation does not offer meals.
Yes, Many Student homes provide this service. Book with Homelodgers to get many premium amenities.
Yes, you will have wifi access in your student accommodation.
Not Every Accommodation offer Parking but some do, Please check with the housing provider for the same.
Accommodations are generally fully furnished with all facilities available but you need to carry all your personal belongings. Check for amenities before booking accommodation.
To the person who is the caretaker of the accommodation.
The cost of rent in Preston for students can vary depending on the type of accommodation and the location. On average, you can expect to pay between £600 per month for student accommodation in Preston.
The cost of living in Preston for students varies depending on the type of accommodation and lifestyle you wish to maintain. Generally, students should expect to spend around £1120 per month on accommodation, bills, food, and other living costs.
No, student loans typically do not pay for accommodation. Student loans are typically used to pay for tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational costs.
Yes, Preston is relatively cheap to live in as a student. The cost of living is lower than the UK average, and there are a variety of student accommodation options available at affordable prices.
Yes with your landlord's permission.
Some Accommodation charge rent on a monthly basis and some on a weekly basis, and some on a quarterly basis. Please check with the accommodation provider for the same.
Some rooms have a TV and some don’t.
You have to pay for the product partially, or completely depending on the rental provider's policy.
Some of the student accommodations do not allow pets but some do. Contact the landlord for pet information.
£155 - £215 / week is the average cost for student homes.