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15 Best AI Tools For Students In 2023

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In the current age of the Internet, where everything is available at your fingertips, from ordering your favorite meal to watching that new web series on Netflix, everything has been simplified using the best AI tools for students, making the lives of its users much more effortless. You must have heard about the uses of AI for businesses and conglomerates, but today, we will be talking about the best AI tools for students.

Understanding AI and Its Benefits

Understanding AI is like getting to know a helpful friend for computers. Picture it as a clever assistant that learns and understands things. It’s not a robot taking over; it’s more like a digital buddy here to assist. AI is all about making life easier, like a helpful friend lending a hand. It’s not replacing us; it’s just here to make things smoother and cozier. So, think of AI as your tech-savvy pal, making life a bit brighter! Now, let’s dive into the perks of having this friendly tech sidekick:

  1. Time Saver: AI is like a wizard that speeds up tasks, giving you more time for the things you love.
  2. Smart Suggestions: Think of AI as your personal recommender, suggesting movies, songs, or even the perfect study playlist.
  3. Efficiency Booster: Teachers have a virtual assistant with AI, making grading homework quicker and leaving more time for engaging lessons.
  4. Health Support: AI helps doctors by processing tons of data, making it easier to find effective treatments and improving healthcare.
  5. Everyday Assistance: From organizing your schedule to reminding you of important dates, AI is like a reliable friend keeping you on track.

Top 10 Best AI tools for students

The heated discussion that AI for students might take the place of real-life human beings is the talk of the town these days. However, we believe that AI for students are nothing but merely tools to increase productivity in the daily lives of humans. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Open AI Playground

OpenAI, a long-standing and widely embraced tool, stands out as a go-to for students and professionals. Its text-davinci-03 module is a game-changer, crafting plagiarism-free content, including research papers. If you’re finding yourself with writer’s block, it can also help you frame and create a structure for your blogs and essays, which you can use to ace your assignments. OpenAI’s playground ranks high among the best AI tools for students, making it a must-have for academic and professional excellence.

Common Use Cases

  1. Testing prompts to refine model responses.
  2. Learning API interactions for OpenAI’s language models.
  3. Prototyping and validating AI-driven ideas quickly.
  4. Serving as an educational tool for AI and NLP understanding.

2. ChatGPT

OpenAI’s chatbot, a top-tier among the best AI tools for students, offers sophistication and is entirely free. Ideal for obtaining quick answers and tailored communication, it’s a powerhouse for learning efficiently. With a vast resource pool, it saves time and enhances productivity. The GPT-3 module, a gem for students, is free, while the GPT-4 module comes with a subscription. This user-friendly AI for students aiming to boost productivity and learn faster, making it a standout choice as the best writing assistant.

Common Use Cases

  1. Streamlining content creation by producing high-quality written material on topics.
  2. Providing efficient and 24/7 customer support, resolving queries and issues promptly.
  3. Facilitating smooth communication across languages through real-time translation assistance.

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is an AI for students that empowers you to create captivating and remarkable writing pieces. QuillBot is an incredibly powerful tool that can comprehend text in its context and provide relevant paraphrases for single lines or entire paragraphs. It stands out as one of the finest AI tools for students, offering paraphrasing capabilities and the ability to summarize long-form content, identify and resolve plagiarism issues, provide grammar checks, and offer language translation. Furthermore, QuillBot can collaborate with you in co-writing, making it one of the top AI applications.

Common Use Cases

  1. Offers AI-powered paraphrasing and grammar checking to improve the quality of written content.
  2. Assists language learners in enhancing their writing skills by providing instant suggestions and corrections.
  3. Used by professionals to efficiently rephrase and refine text, saving time and effort in content creation and editing.

4. Fotor

Fotor AI, a standout among the best AI tools for students, unleashes creativity in art and design. With limitless possibilities guided by your imagination, it transforms text prompts into stunning, AI-generated artwork. Ideal for aspiring designers and artists, it opens doors to fresh perspectives and new horizons. This tool is not only a creative companion but also a valuable resource for those delving into the world of Computer Science, check out our blog: A List of 15 Best Universities for Computer Science in the UK. Fotor AI offers an inspiring journey for students, making it a top choice among free AI tools for students.

Common Use Cases

  1. Enhances images with the power of AI, ideal for creating stunning visuals.
  2. Helps users make text stand out and improve readability when designing graphics or promotional materials.
  3. Offers a wide range of stickers to add excitement and visual appeal to design projects.

5. Adobe Express & Firefly

Adobe, a pioneer in AI, showcases its prowess with Adobe Express and the beta-stage Firefly. While Firefly is gradually opening up in beta, Adobe Express is fully functional, offering a range of templates. Firefly’s text-to-image AI elevates art creation with just a prompt, making it a must for aspiring designers. With both free and premium features, Adobe’s tools are among the best for students pursuing design, marking them as top AI tools for students academic and commercial use.

Common Use Cases

  1. Enables quick and easy custom image and text effect generation from text prompts in multiple languages.
  2. Integrates generative AI into Adobe apps, allowing content creation across the Adobe ecosystem.
  3. Allows users of all skill levels to produce high-quality images and text effects.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is a text correction, paraphrasing, grammar correction and plagiarism-checking AI for students. It is among some of the most useful AI tools for students since it helps in whacking out grammatical mistakes and helps to provide a better sentence structure. Grammarly has developed its advanced artificial intelligence, which it uses to understand text in a contextual format and help its users write accordingly. It has been rated among the best AI tools for students as it can easily be used as an integrated tool with Word or your browser and can also be used as a standalone app for ease of use.

Common Use Cases

  1. Helps writers proofread and improve their documents, enhancing the quality of written content.
  2. Assists professionals in crafting error-free emails and reports, improving communication.
  3. Supports non-native English speakers in enhancing their language skills and confidence in writing and speaking.


Otter AI stands among the best AI tools for students, offering seamless lecture recording and transcription simultaneously. It achieves an impressive 160 words per minute, ensuring accurate text conversion while you focus on studying. This powerful tool integrates with multiple applications, enhancing its usability. Whether in class or group studies, Otter AI supports your learning journey. It’s a standout choice among top AI tools for students, emphasizing the importance of skill development alongside AI assistance for student success.

Common Use Cases

  1. Provides real-time transcription and note-taking for meetings.
  2. Assists journalists in transcribing interviews and recording notes for efficient reporting.
  3. Helps students transcribe and summarize lectures, making reviewing and studying course material easier.

8. QuizGecko

The ultimate AI-powered quiz platform for students. QuizGecko offers various quizzes covering various subjects, making learning enjoyable and effective for all ages. Whether studying history, mathematics, science, literature, or any other academic discipline, QuizGecko covers you. Learning becomes enjoyable and effective with a vast collection of expert-curated quizzes, personalized recommendations, and competitive challenges.

Common Use Cases

  1. Helps educators create engaging online quizzes for student assessments.
  2. Enables businesses to conduct interactive employee training through customisable quizzes.
  3. Enables content creators to engage their audience with fun and informative quizzes on various topics.

9. Stepwise math

For students grappling with math, Stepwise Math emerges as a vital AI for students. Its intelligent system identifies areas of struggle and guides you step by step through problem-solving. Whether tackling simple or complex math problems, Stepwise Math tailors a course to your needs, allowing you to learn at your pace. With assignments and worksheets aligned to your learning curve, this powerful tool targets weaknesses, making it a top choice among the best AI tools for students.

Common Use Cases

  1. Improve math skills by receiving instant AI-guided feedback when facing confusion.
  2. Boost test performance through intuitive feedback and better preparation for standardized tests.
  3. Apply stepwise functions in mathematics and engineering for signal processing and data analysis.

10. Google Bard

The trust of Google and its extensive database make this AI chatbot one of the best AI tools for students since you can ask it anything, and it would give you the perfect answer you’re looking for. Bard changes the search user experience by miles. All you have to do is type in the text related to your search query and hit enter, and Google Bard will cater you to the best results of all with a summary. Even in its earlier stages of development, it can easily compete with ChatGPT and sometimes even perform better than it. So, make sure to check out this amazing AI tool for students that you would love to use!

Common Use Cases

  1. Transcribe old letters or documents from images into digital text for easy sharing.
  2. Find the best online deals, helping with cost-effective shopping.
  3. Assist in the kitchen with recipe suggestions and nutritional information for healthier eating.

11. Slidesgo

Slidesgo stands out as an incredible AI tools for students, simplifying the creation of captivating content. With a vast library of Google slides and PowerPoint templates, it utilizes AI to transform written content into engaging presentations effortlessly. No more boring and monotonous tasks; just choose a template, upload your content, and let the AI work its magic. Slidesgo is undoubtedly one of the most useful and best AI tools for students, making presentations a breeze.

Common Use Cases

  1. Create visually engaging presentations for business, education, etc., with professionally designed templates.
  2. Simplify complex information using case study infographic templates for clear and engaging presentations.
  3. Support education with special plans for teachers and students, improving lesson materials and projects.

12. Undetectable AI

Are you worried that your valuable content will get flagged by AI content detectors? Enter Undetectable AI, which turns AI-generated text into content that sounds completely human! It is the most advanced AI detection tool on the market. Its algorithm removes recognisable AI content from your text, ensuring it passes the most sophisticated AI detectors. Along with removing AI content, it transforms your piece into high-quality content. You do not have to fear your content losing its creativity and authenticity. Undoubtedly one of the best AI tools for students, add it to your arsenal now!

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