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Student Accommodation In Oxford

Oxford is an iconic city in the United Kingdom, renowned for its university and culture. As a city, it has a rich and vibrant history and is home to some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. Oxford is home to the University of Oxford, one of the oldest universities in the world, and a hub for world-class research and academic excellence. The city is also a major tourist destination, offering visitors a wealth of attractions, from its picturesque colleges and university buildings to its wealth of cultural and historical sites.

Oxford is a popular destination for students, both domestic and international. Homelodgers offers a wide range of accommodation options, from university colleges to private student housing in Oxford. There are also a variety of student-friendly bars, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues in the city.

As well as being an education hub, Oxford is an important cultural and entertainment center. There are plenty of theatres, cinemas, and galleries to explore, as well as a wide variety of museums and libraries. Oxford’s nightlife is also vibrant, offering a range of pubs, clubs, and live music venues.

£259 - £565 / WEEK
Tolkien Studios 5 West Way Square Oxford, OX2 9NA
12 Room Options Free Assistance
£195 - £248 / WEEK
The Mews, Glanville Road, Oxford, OX4 2SY
2 Room Options Free Assistance
£225 - £289 / WEEK
4-6 Cambridge Terrace, Oxford, OX1 1RN
4 Room Options Free Assistance
£231 - £445 / WEEK
Osney Lane, Oxford OX1 1TB, UK
9 Room Options Free Assistance
£194 - £265 / WEEK
London Road, OX3 7FT
3 Room Options Free Assistance
£219 - £265 / WEEK
36-40 London Road, OX3 7PA
7 Room Options Free Assistance
£325 - £405 / WEEK
25 St Clement's St, Cowley, Oxford OX4 1GG, United Kingdom
3 Room Options Free Assistance
£180 - £315 / WEEK
OX3 7FJ Headington Oxford UK
12 Room Options Free Assistance
Mount Street, Oxford, OX2 6DH
1 Room Options Free Assistance
Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX2 6AT
1 Room Options Free Assistance


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Best Student Accommodation In Oxford

Student Accommodation in Oxford


Oxford is a city located in the South East of England, situated in the county of Oxfordshire. It is one of the oldest cities in Britain and is known for its prestigious university, the University of Oxford. The university dates back to the 13th century and has been home to some of the world’s most influential thinkers and academics. Oxford is considered to be the education hub of the UK, with a high concentration of universities, colleges, and research institutes. The city attracts students from all over the world, and provides a vibrant environment for learning, with a wealth of resources and facilities. Oxford offers a wide range of accommodations, from student halls of residence to private student housing. There are also a number of hostels, student properties, and hotels in the city, offering a more budget-friendly option for students. Oxford is well-connected to other cities in the UK. London is approximately 60 miles away, while Birmingham is just over 40 miles away. There are regular bus and train services in these cities, as well as in other cities in the UK. Oxford is a great place for students to live and study. The city is full of life, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment options. There are also a number of cultural attractions, such as the Ashmolean Museum and the Botanic Garden. Students in Oxford will also find plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities outside of the classroom. There are numerous clubs and societies available to join, and plenty of outdoor activities to take part in. Oxford is also a great place to explore, with a wealth of historic buildings and parks to explore.

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International Students in Oxford

International students make up a significant portion of the student population at Oxford University. Over 6,000 international students from 150 different countries study in Oxford’s undergraduate, graduate, and research programs. International students bring a unique perspective to the classroom and contribute to the university’s rich cultural and intellectual diversity. Oxford offers a variety of services and resources to help international students adjust to life in Oxford, including language services, housing assistance, and guidance on immigration and visa requirements.

According to United Kingdom’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) below are the statistics for International students in Oxford:

Country 2021/20 2020/19
China 1505 1260
United States 1480 1455
India 1130 795
Germany 700 700
Hong Kong 445 405
Canada 415 370
Italy 365 365
France 305 305
Singapore 295 335
Spain 240 240

Universities in Oxford

Oxford is considered one of the world’s leading university cities, known for its academic excellence and rich history. The University of Oxford is one of the oldest university and most prestigious universities in the world and has produced a number of notable alumni, including numerous Nobel laureates, politicians, and writers. In addition to the University of Oxford, the city is also home to Oxford Brookes University, which has a strong reputation in areas such as business, health, and technology. The presence of these two universities, along with a number of other higher education institutions, has created a vibrant and diverse community of students and scholars in Oxford. This has led to the development of a thriving intellectual environment, with a wide range of lectures, seminars, and conferences taking place throughout the year.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, founded in the 11th century, is made up of 38 colleges and 6 permanent private halls, each with its own unique character and traditions. Oxford University is located in the heart of the city of Oxford and is surrounded by beautiful architecture and historic landmarks. Students at the University have the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions while also enjoying all that the city has to offer, including its vibrant student life, cultural scene, and beautiful countryside.

Ranking: 5th in world, 2nd in UK

International Students: 11,955

Average Fees: £9,250 – £44,240

Average Exam Scores: IELTS(6+), GRE(260+)

Acceptance Rate: 17%

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University is a public university located in Oxford, England. It was founded in 1865 as the Oxford School of Art and later became known as Oxford Polytechnic. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of subjects, including business, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences. It is known for its strong emphasis on research, particularly in the areas of business, education, and the built environment. The university also has a strong reputation in the field of motorsports engineering. The main campus is located in Headington, Oxford, and the university also has a campus in Swindon.

Ranking: 438th in world, 48th in UK

International Students: 2,700

Average Fees: £9,250 – £16,500

Average Exam Scores: IELTS(5+)

Acceptance Rate: 24%

Best Places to Stay in Oxford for Students

Oxford is a small but vibrant city, and there are several neighborhoods that are popular among students. Jericho is located just north of the Oxford city center and is a popular choice for students due to its proximity to the University of Oxford. Summertown is located to the north of Oxford and is considered one of the city’s more affluent neighborhoods. Central Oxford is home to many colleges, libraries, museums, and other university buildings. East Oxford and Cowley road are located east of the city center and are known for their diverse community and cultural attractions. Headington and Iffley road are located to the east of Oxford and are popular choices for students due to their proximity to Oxford Brookes University and the John Radcliffe Hospital. These are the best areas for students to enjoy

Student Castle Oxford

It is minutes from the city center and adjacent to many university institutions, and it offers a variety of exquisitely built accommodations, from shared flats to individual studios and apartments. This Oxford student residence offers a variety of amenities, such as spacious common areas, individual and group study areas, a fully furnished gym, and a multipurpose room.

Beech House Oxford

167 students are housed in this location, which is only 5 minutes from Headington Campus. Each of the rooms at Beech House has its own private bathroom, and all of the rooms are en suite. On the lower ground level is a sizable common area with a free pool and foosball tables, armchairs, and a TV. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the area bright and airy. You are located right here on London Road in Headington, five minutes from campus, and right next to the Dorset House building.

Cambridge Terrace Oxford

This Oxford student property is only a 10-minute walk from Oxford Business School, 20 minutes from The University of Oxford, and 10 minutes from Oxford railway station. Cambridge Terrace is a chic, up-to-date student residence in Oxford that has been completely renovated. It has 34 studio apartments, which are ideal for anyone who needs their own private toilet and kitchen area, as well as two two-bedroom flats, for university students.

There are many other student houses like The Mews Oxford, Dorset House Oxford, Alice House Oxford, etc. Homelodgers have a range of cheap accommodation options available like a studio, En-suite, one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, shared house, private halls, student halls, private apartments, etc. Students can choose from a diverse range of student housing options.

Transport in Oxford for Students

Oxford is a relatively small city, and it is easy to get around on foot or by bicycle. However, there are also a number of public transportation options available for students.


Oxford has an extensive bus network that connects the city center to the surrounding areas. There are several bus routes that are popular among students, including the Oxford Bus Company and the Thames Travel. Many bus stops are located near colleges and universities, and students can purchase a discounted bus pass with their student ID.


Oxford has two main railway stations, Oxford Railway Station and Oxford Parkway Station, which connect the city to London and other major cities in the UK. This can be a convenient option for students who need to travel to other cities or towns for events or placements.


Oxford is a very bike-friendly city, with dedicated bike lanes and a number of bike-sharing schemes. This is a great option for students who want to be environmentally friendly and save money on transportation costs.

Cost of Living in Oxford for Students

Oxford is considered a relatively expensive city to live in compared to other cities in the UK. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses for students in Oxford, with the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center ranging from £700 to £1100 per month. Rent for a room in a shared house or apartment can be lower, but still relatively expensive compared to other cities in the UK. Homelodgerd has many budget-friendly accommodations for students in Oxford to save on rent. Food and groceries can also be relatively expensive in Oxford, with prices for basic items such as bread, milk, and eggs being slightly higher than the UK average.

Expense Average Cost per month
Rent £715
Food £300
Transport £50
Utilities £160
Clothes £30
Entertainment £40
Total £1295

Overall, the cost of living in Oxford can be relatively high compared to other cities in the UK. However, students can save money by budgeting carefully and taking advantage of student discounts and deals.

Attractions in Oxford for Students

Oxford is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, and there are a number of attractions that are popular among visitors and students. Here are a few must-see attractions in Oxford:

  1. Oxford Castle: Oxford Castle is a historic castle located in the heart of the city. The castle has a rich history, dating back to the 11th century and it offers a variety of tours, including a guided tour of the castle and a visit to the medieval prison.
  2. Oxford Botanic Garden: The Oxford Botanic Garden is the oldest botanic garden in the UK and it is home to a wide range of plants from around the world. Visitors can take a stroll through the gardens, visit the greenhouses, and learn about the history of botany.
  3. The Bodleian Library: The Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and is a legal deposit library for the UK. It is a must-see for book lovers and history enthusiasts, as it holds a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and maps.
  4. Christ Church College: Christ Church College is one of the most famous colleges at the University of Oxford and it is known for its beautiful architecture and historic landmarks.
  5. The Ashmolean Museum: The Ashmolean Museum is the oldest public museum in the UK and it holds a vast collection of art and artifacts from around the world. Visitors can see works by famous artists such as Turner and Picasso, as well as ancient Egyptian artifacts and Chinese ceramics.
  6. The Oxford Covered Market: The Oxford Covered Market is a historic market located in the city center that offers a variety of local produce, gifts, and souvenirs.
  7. Oxford Canal: The Oxford Canal is a popular destination for visitors and students. Visitors can take a stroll along the canal, go for a boat ride, or have a picnic.

In summary, Oxford has a lot to offer in terms of attractions, from its famous University and its colleges, to its historical landmarks, museums, gardens and markets. There’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy in this beautiful and diverse city.

Student Life in Oxford

Oxford offers a vibrant student life with a diverse range of activities and events. The city is known for its lively nightlife, with a wide selection of pubs, clubs, and bars catering to students.


Oxford has a diverse nightlife scene, with a wide range of pubs, bars, and clubs to choose from. The city center is home to many popular student bars and pubs, such as The Eagle and Child, which was once frequented by literary figures like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. The city also has a number of nightclubs, such as The Bridge and the O2 Academy, that offer a variety of music and events.

Leisure activities

Oxford offers a wide range of leisure activities for students to enjoy. These include punting on the River Thames, visiting the city’s many museums and art galleries, and hiking and cycling in the beautiful surrounding countryside. The city is also home to a number of sports clubs and teams, such as Oxford United Football Club, Oxford Cricket Club, and Oxford Rugby Club, so sports enthusiasts can find a team to support or even join.

Oxford offers a diverse and vibrant student life, with a wide range of pubs, clubs, and leisure activities to choose from.


In conclusion, Oxford is a world-renowned university city, known for its academic excellence and rich history. The city offers a wide range of options for accommodation, from student housing to private apartments and houses, however, it can be relatively expensive compared to other cities in the UK. The city offers a unique blend of history, culture, and academic excellence, providing students with a unique opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world while immersing themselves in British culture.

FAQs on Student Accommodation Oxford

Oxford is a wonderful city with lots to see and do. There are many stores, eateries, and cafes there. With nearby bus and rail depots, transportation is convenient. In close proximity are fitness centers, eateries, and hospitals as well.
Yes, there are a number of possibilities for student housing that are tailored to couples, including hostels and city apartments. Although couples are only permitted in private student housing if both residents are students.
Yes, you can get in touch with us to view any of the houses that HomeLodgers has available.
The amenities typically included in student rooms in Oxford include air conditioning, hot water, a bed, Dishwasher, a microwave, Electric Stove, Internet, Fridge, Bookshelf, and a desk.
Various kinds of accommodations are provided, including Ensuites, Non-Ensuites, Twin-Ensuite, Studios, Twin-Studio, One-Bed, and Two-Bed rooms.
Dorm rooms are not offered in Oxford.
It depends on the accommodation. While some do not cover Utility bills, there are many accommodations like Napier Road Oxford, etc. where utility bills are included in the rent itself.
It is best to start your search as early as possible, at least 3-4 months before the start of the academic sessions. HomeLodgers assists you with shortlisting and booking of perfect accommodation for you.
The lowest rent is at least £80/week. But these accommodations get sold out early. Hence, it is best to start your search for accommodation as early as possible.
It is prudent to start your search as early as possible before the start of the academic year. The best time to start your search would be March-April.
It is prudent to start your search as early as possible before the start of the academic year. The best time to start your search would be Aug-Sep.